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Kvíar Ski Lodge

Go to the most remote area in Iceland, for the most epic ski trip imaginable! For 6 days in the......


Paddle in the Wild of Hornstrandir

Explore the remote and beautiful Westfjords and Hornstrandir Nature Reserve from a kayak!......


Hornstrandir Panorama

Great hiking in the pristine wilderness of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Trip difficulty 3 out of......


Trekking Fjords & Birdcliffs

Enjoy the luxury of hiking light between the most beautiful places in the Nature Reserve. The......


Hornvík Heights and Sights

We start with a morning boat ride straight to Hornvík. The day will be spent exploring one of......


Arctic Foxes & Midnight Sun

The bright Icelandic summer nights are the right time to see arctic foxes. During the day they......