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11 Day Self Drive Tour | Ring Road & East Fjords

Explore all the best Iceland has to offer on this 11-day road trip! You'll drive the classic......


11 Day Self Drive Tour on a Budget | East Fjords & Myvatn

Trail all around the island of ice and fire on this eleven-day budget self-drive tour. This......


Hiking at the End of the World | Five-Day Trek in North East Iceland

Witness the beauty of North East Iceland on this five-day trek. If you love hiking, wish to......


Trek to the Mountain of Elves | 6-Day East Iceland Hike

Discover the East of Iceland on this wonderful trek to the "Mountain of Elves". This fantastic......


East Iceland Hiking Day Tour to Storurd | Departure from Egilsstadir

Explore one of East Iceland’s most scenic areas with this day tour to the mystical and unique......


5-Day East Iceland Adventure | Local Experience

Witness the pristine wonderland that is the Eastfjords on this 5-day package from Egilsstaðir.......