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A country as breathtaking as ours is perhaps best explored at your own pace. Our packages provide a clever travel plan that helps you maximize your vacation. See the sights the locals recommend and discover Iceland for yourself. What is included in the self drive tours? Accommodation, car rental, itinerary and much more! Custom trips can also be arranged here below. Save money by booking an all included self drive tour!

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By using the form below you can see what's on offer on the island and give us an idea of what you want to see and do. You can use it to customize your budget, comfort or luxury self drive tour in Iceland.

We will then send you a self drive tour with your exact prefernces and travel tips about where you can find the best natural attractions in Iceland, accommodation, car rentals and everything else you need. Let us help you plan your trip to Iceland. Fill out this this form to customize your vacation!

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A country as breathtaking as ours is perhaps best explored in your own time at your own pace. If you want the independance to choose when and where you stop, as well as how long you stop for, yet still require a rough itinerary and for your accomodation to be arranged, then one of our Self Drive Tours is perfect for you. These vacation packages provide a travel plan that helps you spend your time in Iceland wisely. See the sights the locals recommend, take the wheel and, most importantly, discover Iceland for yourself. Accommodation, car rental, a travel plan and much more is included in each of these self drive tours. Choose a recommended itinerary or customize your own trip below. Save money and time by getting an all included self drive tour!