Lagoon Car Rental is a family owned and operated local car rental in Iceland. The family founded the business at the start of 2015 with only a handful of cars. Since then the company has grown a lot. Now Lagoon Car Rental operates in two locations in Iceland and offers vehicles for rent in Iceland of all sizes from numerous different vehicle manufacturers around the world.

In 2017 the Lagoon Car Rental introduced a camper rental in Iceland to their business. Whether you are looking to camp along the main road or want to explore the magnificent Highlands, Lagoon Car Rental has a great variety of campers that are equipped for different scenarios. During the summer you can now enjoy nature with Lagoon Camper Rental in Iceland.

Lagoon Car Rental’s mission is to help people experience all the best Iceland has to offer by providing customers with quality rental cars and personal service during their time in Iceland at a reasonable price.

The family business has grown a lot from early 2015. Now Lagoon Car Rental employs around 20 people in Iceland. Almost half of all the employees are related to the founders of the business.

Even though many of the employees are related to the founders of the company, Lagoon Car Rental embraces diversity, and currently, there are employees from 7 different countries working at the company.



An average customer rating of 4.6 ranks Lagoon Car Rental as an excellent car rental service.
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Average review rating 4.6

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