Founded in 2011, Faircar Iceland is a family owned and operated car rental company established on the lasting principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

Our mission is to rent out quality cars, at fair prices while satisfying every customer.

All of our vehicles go through a thorough examination before they are rented out, and are systematically maintained. By doing so, we prevent unnecessary breakdowns and ensure our customers' safety.

We want our customers to experience a level of service that will spread the word that we are good people who provide quality cars.

We will rapidly resolve problems if they occur and also help our customers take full advantage of our vehicles during their stay in Iceland.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line.



An average customer rating of 3.4 ranks FairCar - Keflavík Pickup as an excellent car rental service.
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FairCar - Keflavík Pickup

Average review rating 3.4

40 traveller reviews

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