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Frequently Asked Questions

About Hot Spring Tours in Iceland

Hot Spring Tours are a selection of quality travel options that are specially designed to provide you with an unmatched and natural bathing experience in some of Iceland's most stunning and enjoyable aquatic wonders.

1. Where can I bathe in a natural hot spring?

Situated relatively close to the capital is the Reykjadalur hot spring valley, a popular destination that attracts both locals and foreign travellers, and the Landmannalaugar geothermal area is a favourite amongst hikers and mountaineers. Natural hot springs can be found all over Iceland, and when you come across one, please remember to leave it in the exact state you found it—too many Icelandic hot springs have been destroyed in recent years because of the foolish actions of unmindful people.

2. How do natural hot springs form?

Iceland is divided by the Mid-Atlantic Rift, and the constant movement of the Eurasian and North American continental plates generates the country's intense volcanic activity. This geological feature, combined with an unparalleled water supply, causes Iceland to be dotted with countless natural hot springs which form when geothermally heated groundwater rises from the earth’s crust.

3. What is the difference between a geothermal pool and a hot spring?

The terms are used interchangeably, although 'geothermal pool' more often refers to a man-made construction while 'hot spring' almost always describes a natural feature.

4. Is bathing in a hot spring good for you?

Bathing in a natural hot spring is said to have health benefits because of the water's high mineral content.

5. Can you bathe in all of Iceland’s hot springs?

No, many are extremely hot, and some are too unclean.

6. Do I need to bring my own towel?

Yes, most hot springs are out in nature where there are no facilities. Please remember to collect all your garbage and personal items before you leave since no one will be around to clean the area after you're gone.

7. Can I rent a bathing suit?

That depends on your operator. Please message your tour planner for further information.

8. How do I find the hot springs on my own?

Read up on their locations in advance, make notes on how to get there and ask the locals.

9. Are the hot springs dangerous?

Bathing in a hot spring of unstable temperature is dangerous, and you can get burned.

10. How do I proceed if I want to bathe in a hot spring that is situated on private land? 

You must ask permission from the landowners and respect their wishes, and do not trespass if you can't contact them. Remember that Iceland’s yearly flow of foreign guests outnumbers the country's permanent residents many times over; trespassing is disrespectful and can cause damage to untouched natural landscapes.

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