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About Golden Circle Tours

The Golden Circle is Iceland’s most famous sightseeing route, consisting of three equally stunning locations in southwest Iceland: Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area and Gullfoss Waterfall. Each as spectacular as it is unique, these sites are renowned across the world.

1. What is Thingvellir?

Thingvellir is a national park east of Reykjavik. It is known for having been the site of the Althingi, Iceland's parliament, between the 10th and 18th century. The park sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of two tectonic plates and is home to Silfra, one of the world’s most sought out diving and snorkelling sites.

2. What is Geysir?

Geysir is a famous hot spring that gives its name to geysers all over the world. Though Geysir itself is hardly active anymore, it has a neighbour by the name of Strokkur, which spouts vast amounts of water 15-25 meters into the air every 5 to 10 minutes.

3. What is Gullfoss?

Gullfoss is a waterfall in the canyon of Olfusa river in southwest Iceland. Gullfoss is one of Iceland's most iconic natural attractions.

4. Is Kerid crater included in the Golden Circle tours?

Although Kerid crater is not officially a part of the Golden Circle sightseeing route, some tours include Kerid as an extra stop. View the "Highlights" or your tour's description to see if it includes Kerid.

5. How long is the Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is just under 225 km (140 mi) long.

6. How long does it take to drive the Golden Circle?

Driving the golden circle without stopping takes about 2.5 hours. The route, however, is often traversed in a full day so that travellers have ample time to take in the sights.

7. Can you traverse the Golden Circle if the weather is bad?

The weather in Iceland is extremely volatile and can change in an instant. Icelandic sights and landscapes are, therefore, explored in almost any weather. Most tours around the Golden Circle will remain operational except in the rare instances when the weather poses a safety risk.

8. Can I get a full refund if I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can book and cancel day tours up to 24 hours before departure.

9. Where are the pick-up locations for Golden Circle Tours?

Pick-up locations for most tours departing from Reykjavik are situated across the city. Normally, you will find a pick-up location very close to your accommodation.

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