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Frequently Asked Questions

About Glacier & Ice Cap Tours in Iceland

Glaciers and ice caps cover approximately 11% of Iceland's surface area. On Glacier & Ice Cap Tours, you can explore these natural marvels in numerous different ways, such as on a snowmobile, in a super jeep or by foot. There are also various options that allow you to explore the inside of a glacier, either by visiting natural ice caves or a man-made ice tunnel.

1. Are the glaciers accessible throughout the year?

Tours run onto some glaciers throughout the year, such as the glaciers Solheimajokull and Langjokull. Others glaciers, such as Snaefellsjokull and Drangjokull, are only accessible during summer.

2. Will I be provided with all the necessary glacier hiking equipment?

Helmets, crampons and harnesses will be provided. You must, however, bring or rent sturdy hiking boots and wear warm, waterproof clothing.

3. Is previous glacier hiking experience required?

No, although the more difficult Glacier Hikes should only be undertaken by those confident in their fitness.

4. Is there an age limit for Glacier Tours?

Yes, in accordance with Icelandic law, the age limit is set at eight years. Some tours have a higher age limit, so please contact a travel planner for further information.

5. Can I wear normal shoes?

No, hiking shoes are a mandatory requirement for Glacier Hiking; they should reach above the ankle, and they must be thick-soled so the crampons can clamp onto them.

6. Must I bring my own hiking boots or can I rent a pair?

Most Glacier Hiking operators rent out hiking boots, and you will be able to select a renting option from the menu when you make your reservation.

7. How long does a glacier hike last?

That depends on the tour you choose. A short Glacier Hike lasts between 60 and 90 minutes; longer excursions can last between six and seven hours.

8. What is the difference between a glacier and an ice sheet?

An ice sheet is a glacier that is larger than 50,000 km² (19,000 mi²). There are no ice sheets in Iceland.

9. What is the group size on Glacier Hiking Tours?

That depends on the operator, but there will always be at least one guide for every twelve people. You can book private tours for a more intimate experience.

10. Am I insured in case of an accident?

No, you will need to organise all insurances yourself. Please contact your tour planner for more information.

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