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Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is found along the South Coast of Iceland and is often regarded as 'the Crown Jewel' of the country. This dazzling lagoon sees large icebergs floating peacefully toward the ocean, having broken away from the adjacent glacier, Breidamerkurjokull. Five minutes from the lagoon, one can find the Diamond Beach. Both attractions are popular stops on sightseeing routes along the South Coast.

1. When is the best time to visit Jokulsarlon?

Jokulsarlon is a prime attraction throughout the year, offering an entirely different experience with each passing season. 

2. What activities can I partake in around Jokulsarlon?

In winter, Jokulsarlon is the departure point of ice cave tours, and in summer, you can join a boat tour which takes you sailing on the glacier lagoon itself.

3. How long does it take to drive to Jokulsarlon from Reykjavik?

Approximately five hours. Driving to the lagoon from the capital and back will thus take approximately ten hours. 

4. What is the Diamond Beach?

The Diamond Beach is the stretch of coastline south of Jokulsarlon, nicknamed after the glistening diamond-like icebergs that perpetually wash on the shore. Its official name is Breidamerkursandur, and can be walked to from the lagoon within five minutes.

5. What accommodation is available in Jokulsarlon?

There are many hotels, hostels and campsites surrounding Jokulsarlon.

6. Can I sail on the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon?

Amphibious boat tours run on the glacier lagoon from May to October, and zodiac boat tours run throughout October.

7. What should I wear for a visit to Jokulsarlon?

Since Jokulsarlon is a glacier lagoon, the area can be cold. We, therefore, recommend wearing warm clothes, a hat, a scarf and gloves. 

8. Is Jokulsarlon crowded?

Yes, especially during the summer months. There is, however, plenty of space in which to spread yourself out.

9. Can I reach Jokulsarlon in a normal car or do I need a 4WD?

Jokulsarlon is on Route 1, and can thus be reached in a normal car.

10. How was Jokulsarlon formed?

Jokulsarlon began forming in 1935 as the glacier Breidamerkurjokull retreated and melt water filled the space it left behind. The lagoon is growing in size every year as the glacier continues to retreat.

11. Do any animals live in the Lagoon?

Many playful seals live in Jokulsarlon and in the waters off Diamond Beach. Arctic Terns and Skuas also nest in the area, and are known to be very protective of their eggs, often dive-bombing visitors who come too close. 

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