Top 65 Whale Watching & Puffin Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

About Whale Watching & Puffin Tours in Iceland

Whale and Puffin Watching Tours are conducted by boat from ports all around Iceland. Over twenty species of whale and dolphin frequent Iceland’s waters, many of them throughout the year, whereas Atlantic Puffins nest in their millions along the coastal cliffs and on the islands from April to August. Though you're not guaranteed to see these magnificent animals, many of these tours have nearly 100% success ratings in terms of sightings.

1. Where is the best location in Iceland to see whales?

There are numerous places in Iceland from where you can take a whale watching tour, including Reykjavik, Akureyri and Dalvik. Iceland’s ‘whale watching capital’ is Husavik, on the north coast of Iceland.

2. When is puffin season in Iceland?

Puffins can be seen in Iceland from early April until September.

3. Is it certain that we will see whales on the tour?

Unfortunately, given the fact that we are dealing with wild animals, seeing whales and dolphins can never be guaranteed. However, most larger crafts are fitted with the latest tracking systems and are in constant communication, thus heightening the odds greatly.

4. What happens if no whales are spotted during the tour?

You can join the tour again for free by contacting the tour's operator and rebooking.

5. Under what circumstances are tours cancelled?

When it comes down to bad weather and heavy seas, we rely on the experience and judgment of our boat captains. In the end, it is the captain who makes the final call.

6. How should I dress for the Whale Watching & Puffin Tours?

It is advised to dress as warmly as possible (it can get very chilly on the boat), and be sure to wear sturdy shoes. There are warm overalls available on the boat should you need them.

7. How long do the tours last?

Whale watching tours last for approximately 3 hours (give or take twenty minutes), while puffin tours are usually 1 hour long.

8. What other wildlife might I see on the tour?

Aside from the whales and puffins, there is the possibility to see porpoise and many different types of seabird species, including Northern Gannets, Shags, Fulmars and Arctic Tern.

9. Will I learn about the animals?

Yes, definitely. Wildlife tours are operated by experienced, knowledgeable and qualified nature guides who will eagerly share interesting information throughout the trip.

10. Are the boat tours dangerous?

Not at all! Passenger safety is of the highest concerns; in the rare event that anything should happen, life jackets and lifeboats are plentiful.

11. Can I smoke on the boat?

No, smoking is prohibited on board for the duration of the trips.

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