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Frequently Asked Questions

About Biking Tours in Iceland

Cycling provides for an incredible way of experiencing Iceland's beautiful landscapes, and whether you are a novice cycler or a devout biking enthusiast, you will find options for cycling all across the country. Biking Tours refer to any tours conducted on a bicycle, be it motorised or otherwise, as well as bike rentals.

1. When is the best time of the year to take a Biking Tour in Iceland?

Weather permitting, the best time to take a biking tour is during the spring and summer months. Winter will see the roads covered with a blanket of snow and possible snowstorms.

2. What should I wear for a Biking Tour in Iceland?

It is advised that you bring with you a mixture of clothing to suit the day’s activities. Traditional lycra wear and padded pants are an excellent recommendation, as are sturdy shoes and sunglasses. Bring warm clothing for later hikes or stops.

3. What shall I bring with me on a Biking Tour?

Make sure to bring bottled water, light and energy driven snacks, your camera and, of course, a sense of adventure. For longer biking tours, such as around the country you’ll need to bring 1-2 days worth of food and camping gear.

4. What will I see on a Biking Tour around Reykjavik?

Amongst the sites visited are the University of Iceland campus, the Nordic House, the iconic church Hallgrimskirkja, the Parliament building, Reykjavik's Old Harbour and Tjornin City Lake.

5. What are the popular areas for Bike Tours in Iceland?

There are a great number of regions popular with cyclists, including but not limited to the Reykjanes Peninsula, Thingvellir National Park, Landmannalaugar, Reykjavik and Akureyri.

6. Are there any long distance cycling routes in Iceland?

Some long-distance cyclists choose to bike the entirety of the ring road (Road 1), though this requires a lot of prior experience and knowledge. Aside from the Ring Road, there are no major long-distance routes.

7. Is it possible to rent bikes in Iceland?

Yes, there are bike rentals in most large towns.

8. Can I access the interior highlands of Iceland all year round? 

No, the Highlands are only open in the summer months.

9. Are there bicycle repair shops outside of Reykjavik?

Bicycle repair shops outside of Reykjavik are few and far between. Three repair shops that can be found are in Akureyri, Selfoss and Dalvik.

10. What is the emergency contact number in Iceland in case of an accident?

To contact the emergency services in Iceland, call the number 112. There is also an emergency app that is downloadable to your phone called 112 Iceland.

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