Top 9 Ice Climbing Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ice Climbing Tours in Iceland

Ice Climbing Tours take you to some of Iceland's most beautiful glaciers, providing you with the experience of scaling up and down a naturally formed ice wall. Ice Climbing Tours are often combined with Glacier Hiking Tours and are open to all those with a reasonable level of fitness. 

1. How old do you need to be to go Ice Climbing?

Some operators allow children from ten years old to join, other set their minimum age limit at twelve years old.

2. What equipment will I need to go Ice Climbing?

Ice Climbing requires a helmet, crampons, a harness and ice axes, which will be provided by your guide who will also take care of the ropes.

3. How fit do you need to be to go Ice Climbing?

You need a reasonable level of fitness and to be without pressing back, knee or neck problems.

4. What do I need to wear to go Ice Climbing?

Warm, waterproof clothes, gloves, and well-fitting hiking boots with decent ankle support—the more rigid, the better.

5. How long will I be climbing for?

Climbing up an ice wall and back down again takes about five minutes, but you will spend at least an hour on the glacier.

6. How high will I climb?

You will ascend five metres or so, depending on the conditions of the glacier in question.

7. What if I fall?

You will hang motionless in the air until you are ready to continue because your guide will have fastened your security line to the ice wall. 

8. Is Ice Climbing possible on all glaciers?

Technically, yes. For safety reasons, however, most Ice Climbing Tours are conducted on Solheimajokull and Svinafellsjokull.

9. Can I go Ice Climbing throughout the year?

Yes, there are operators who run Ice Climbing Tours year round.

10. Is it possible to Glacier Hike without Ice Climbing?

Yes, such tours can be found in the Glacier Tours section on the Guide to Iceland website.

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