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About Helicopter Tours in Iceland

Helicopter tours allow you to witness Iceland’s urban settlements, natural landscapes and major attractions from above. Some tours will fly you around a certain region, while others will land on mountain summits or dried lava plateaus, presenting the chance for a close look at some of Iceland's most iconic natural features.

1. What are the benefits of taking a helicopter tour over a normal sightseeing tour?

The view from a helicopter is unlike any other. You are much closer to the ground than in an airplane, but still flying above it for an unparalleled stretching landscape view. You can also access areas and views unattainable from the ground, such as over erupting volcanoes or the most desolate parts of the Highlands.

2. Do the helicopter companies offer pickups?

Certainly not by helicopter! As for usual minibus transfer, some do, some don´t. Contact your travel planner for further information. 

3. What happens if the helicopter tour is cancelled?

You can either move it to another date and time or get a full refund.

4. Do the helicopter tours depart from Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik Airport?

The tours depart from a hangar near Reykjavík Domestic Airport. Please check the departure location on the tour page. 

5. Do you arrange private helicopter tours?

Yes, we do. Contact for further information.

6. What is the start time of helicopter tours?

Once you have booked a morning or afternoon departure, we will contact you and confirm the exact timing as it will depend on the weather.

7. How many people are on the tours?

Between four and eight people.

8. Are helicopter tours in Iceland safe?

All helicopter tours are conducted by professional pilots and are very safe.

9. What languages are helicopter tours undertaken in?

All the guides speak English, while some speak Icelandic and a third language such as German, Spanish or French.

10. What type of helicopters are used for helicopter tours in Iceland?

It differs greatly between tour operators. Contact your travel planner for further information.


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