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Frequently Asked Questions

About Caving Tours in Iceland

Caving Tours are unforgettable excursions that take you into lava tunnels, ice caves, or underground magma chambers. Many Lava Caving Tours are accessible throughout the year, but Ice Caving Tours are seasonally exclusive.

1. Is there natural light inside the caves?

In ice caves, some light will filter through, creating a dim but dazzling blue passage. Most lava caves will be pitch black as soon as you are away from the entrance, although some are fitted with light installations to help you navigate. 

2. Are there walking paths into the caves?

Raufarholshellir and Vidgelmir both have walking paths, but most other lava caves do not, nor do any ice caves.

3. How many caves are there in Iceland?

There are hundreds of known caves around Iceland, and likely thousands undiscovered.

4. How do lava caves form?

Lava caves form when a river of lava cools from the outside, forming a rock-crust surrounding still flowing lava. When this lava has flushed out, all that is left is the tube that cooled around it.

5. Are ice caves safe?

It is important to only enter ice caves with a local guide and correct equipment, including a helmet with a head torch, crampons and an ice axe. A glacier expert has to be on hand to ensure the ice cave has structural integrity.

6. Can I enter a cave by myself?

It is highly discouraged. You need helmets and lights, and it is very easy to get lost in certain cave systems. Snow can also block the exit while you are exploring.

7. How many people will be in one caving group?

Most operators have a ratio of one guide to eight customers.

8. What equipment do I need to go caving?

You will need a helmet, a torch, and crampons in winter; all these will be provided for you.

9. Can I wear my sneakers?

Good hiking shoes are much better, and essential in winter when you will need to use crampons inside glacier ice caves.

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