Viking Sushi Adventure in Breidafjordur

Viking Sushi Adventure in Breidafjordur
The cliffs of Breiðafjörður are teeming with birdlife.
During the Viking Sushi Adventure in Breidafjordur  a shellfish plough is lowered into the depths.
The adorable puffin is one of the species of bird that call Breiðafjörður home.
Breiðafjörður fjord is framed by stunning rock formations.
Enjoy a mouth-watering feast on the Viking Sushi Adventure in Breidafjordur
The Viking Sushi Adventure in Breidafjordur allows you to savour in fresh seafood.

Come aboard for a voyage to Iceland's Westfjords. Join a magical cruise that ends with a feast of fresh scallops and roe for you to savour in.

This tour is perfectly suited to anyone who loves the open seas and wants to experience the breathtaking scenery of Iceland‘s western coastline.

Ringed with mountains, Breiðafjörður is large, shallow bay in West Iceland. Many intertidal areas and islands found here, but most of the islands are only inhabited during summer. However, the bay is ever-important for its fisheries, its large eider colonies and eiderdown collecting, and its precious algae which are harvested year-round.

The area is graced with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna and extensive forests and abundant plant life make it an ideal place for many species of birds who flock to the cliffs to nest every summer.These include common shag, glaucous gull, white-tailed eagle, common eider, black guillemot, grey phalarope, the brent goose and red knot. This place is a bird watcher‘s paradise!

You may even see seals playing on the shores, the slick black tail fins of whales, or leaping porpoises in the deeper waters. The area is quite literally teeming with life.

During the tour, a shellfish plough is lowered into the depths, raised and its contents emptied right on deck for you to see: scallops, sea urchins, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, and much more. Some of these are possible to eat fresh immediately, such as scallops and sea urchins, so you will have the freshest meal possible. 

Let the crew take care of cleaning and shucking, and you‘ll enjoy your treats with soy sauce and wasabi (or plain, if you prefer!).

Don't miss this “taste” of Iceland‘s bounteous seas! Check booking availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Feb. - Sep.
  • Duration: 2,3 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Boat Trip, Fishing, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: Stykkishólmur
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 11:00, 15:30, 16:00.

You meet us at the departure location.
Stykkishólmur harbour
  • Expert guides and crew

  • Scallop and sea urchin roe to taste

  • Drinks

  • Other foods

What to bring:
  • Clothing and outerwear suitable for chilly or rainy weather (Waterproof clothing and non-denim pants are recommended)

  • Water bottle

Good to know:

The weather changes quickly in Iceland, so don't be caught unawares. It is always better to bring a sweater or dress in layers which you can remove if you are too warm. (Jeans are not recommended because denim, once wet, will spread moisture and take a long time to dry, leaving the wearer extremely cold!)

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