The Icelandic Horse - A Beginners Guide

The Icelandic Horse - A Beginners Guide
Child grooming an Icelandic horse
Young girl cuddling an Icelandic horse
Child grooming an Icelandic horse
Pony trekking paths through Icelandic countryside
Group of three horses being led by adults
Variety of three Icelandic horses being rode by children

Discover the tranquillity of horse riding on a farm in Iceland. This tour is perfect for you if you're new to horse riding and grooming. A 20-minute drive from Selfoss; this low-intensity ride is suitable for all the family and will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable in the company of Icelandic horses. 

Many people say that the Icelandic horse is a unique breed among horses. The Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported into the country, and exported horses cannot return and so the Icelandic horse is often referred to as the purest breed of horses. Smaller and more sturdy, with a thick coat of hair, the Icelandic horse is often considered pony-sized.

During this activity, you can expect to discover the basics of horsemanship and experience the special qualities of the Icelandic horse.

This involves feeding, grooming, saddling and being in the presence of the horse. Grooming is a sign of affection, friendship and trust for the horse; so starting the horse ride in this way allows you to create a unique bond with the animal.

After spending some time caring for the horse, you will take a short ride at walking pace so you can feel the movements of the horse under the saddle (or without a saddle if you're feeling bold).

The slow pace and low intensity of this activity make it perfect for all the family to enjoy - including children, adults, and seniors alike.  Caring for an animal has even proven to have certain health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety. There are also plenty of great photo opportunities, with a backdrop of the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

Participating in a smaller group allows you to build your confidence as a horse rider and feel more at ease in the horse's company. With your new-found confidence, you may then wish to take further adventures with the Icelandic horse.

This gentle horse ride is a perfect activity for all the family to enjoy. Getting to know an Icelandic horse personally is a unique and unforgettable experience. Book now to secure your place on this special encounter. Pick a date to check availability.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Activities: Horse Riding
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 4 years.
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 14:00, 15:00, 16:00.

You meet us at the departure location.
GobbiGobb, Baugsstaðir 5, Selfoss (the little red shed)
  • All riding equipment

  • Riding helmets

What to bring:
  • Wear long trousers.

  • Warm layers of clothing.

  • Other than that be dressed according to the weather.

Good to know:

This is an activity of low intensity, it is very family friendly.

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