Circle of Iceland with Snaefellsnes Peninsula | 10-Day Winter Package

The pyramid-shaped Mount Kirkjufell, and its adjacent waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, become clad in ice and snow in the freezing months of winter.
The waterfall Öxaráfoss, caught here in the glow of the low winter sun, continues to stream in spite of the otherwise all-encompassing freezing cold.
The earth that surrounds the geyser Strokkur on the Golden Circle never fully freezes, as every five minutes, it ejects a column of boiling water that melts away any freezing ice.
Green and purple auroras are the most common colours to expect when admiring the Northern Lights, and here are pictured reflecting beautifully in a calm river.
If it is open and accessible, you may approach Gullfoss within mere metres by following a path to an adjacent viewing platform.
Even when the ice of Iceland's winter claims every other body of water, Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle will continue to surge unabated.

Circle the incredible country of Iceland in the depth of winter with this exciting package. Over ten days, you will take a guided circle tour of the highlights of Iceland, such as the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, the Lake Mývatn area, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the Golden Circle. None who want to see the incredible landscapes of Iceland should overlook this opportunity.

The guided tour comes with a clear itinerary, meaning you barely need to organise a thing. It is also conducted in a comfortable minibus, making your journey as cosy and intimate as possible and taking away any fears of driving on Iceland’s icy roads.

Other than the 8 full days of guided adventure, all transfers and accommodation will be sorted for you, including the return airport transfer and 2 nights of stay in the capital. There are no hidden costs upon arrival; all arrangements are included in the price, as is the entrance to the Blue Lagoon. Joining this tour could not, therefore, be any easier.

You will head counter-clockwise around Iceland, seeing its South Coast, East Fjords, dramatic northern territories, and the incredible West, including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. 

Not only will you get to see Iceland’s most famous sites, but this package will take you to hidden places very few know about, so you can experience the vastness of the empty nature in peace.

Furthermore, you can add adventure to the trip, by opting to take excursions while booking; it is possible to glacier hiking, lava caving, and to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime exploration of an ice cave.

Of course, as you are travelling in winter, when the days are short and nights are long, this tour presents many opportunities for you to see the Northern Lights. Due to the fact that you will spend time traversing very remote areas throughout the dark hours, with little light pollution, your chances are even greater.

Immerse yourself in Iceland, by seeing as much of it as possible over ten days. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Mar.
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Caving, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Reykjavík, Akureyri, Jökulsárlón, Mývatn, Dimmuborgir, Húsavík, Snæfellsjökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Geysir, Gullfoss, Dyrhólaey, Þingvellir, Snæfellsnes, Sólheimajökull, Eyjafjörður, Höfn, Reykholt, Egilsstaðir, Siglufjörður, Kirkjufell, Reynisdrangar, Námaskarð, Lóndrangar, Diamond Beach
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : Flexible

  • 8-day guided tour of Iceland, travelling around the ring route.

  • 7 nights of accommodation in various country hotels (breakfast included, private bathroom depending on availability)

  • 2 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik (different levels available; breakfast not included for Super Budget level; breakfast included for Comfort and Quality levels; more detailed info below)

  • Northern Lights hunting

  • Blue Lagoon comfort entrance (upgrade to premium level available) and return transfer

  • Airport transfer on arrival/departure

  • Detailed Itinerary with fun and practical information on the nature, history and culture of Iceland

  • Hands-on travel agent to oversee your itinerary

  • Taxes

  • Flights

  • Lunch and dinner

  • Any additional activities (can be added when booking)

What to bring:
  • Warm and waterproof clothing

  • Good hiking boots

  • Swimsuit

  • Camera

Good to know:

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximise your chances to see them if weather allows. Please be aware that your itinerary may have to be rearranged due to weather and conditions.

It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is cancelled. If your chosen activity is cancelled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

The Sun Voyager sculpture in Reykjavík perfectly captures the spirit of adventure you will experience on a 10-Day Winter Package throughout Iceland.

You will arrive at Keflavík International Airport on day one, and take a shuttle bus to the Blue Lagoon. Here, you will wash away the stresses of your journey in the healing blue waters, and revitalise your skin with Silica face masks; there is no better way to start your holiday. Once you have fully recharged, you can return to the Flybus, which will whisk you to the capital city of Reykjavík, where you will spend the night.

Preferred accommodation in Reykjavík

Reykjavík Comfort

The Fosshótel chain has four 3-4 star Hotels located in and around the city center of Reykjavík. There is a short walk from all of the hotels to attractions, cafés, restaurants, museums and the nightlife. All offer private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is included.

Reykjavík Quality

Alda Hotel is a 4 star hotel situated on Laugavegur, Reykjavík's main shopping street in the city centre. Private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Free access to a fitness room with a sauna and a hot tub. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is included.

Day 2 - The Golden Circle

Þingvellir is a National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, geological wonderland, and an amazing place from which to watch the aurora borealis.

Today, the adventure starts properly, with a sightseeing adventure around the famous sites of the Golden Circle. You will be picked up from Reykjavík in a minibus, and driven to your first stop, Þingvellir National Park.

Þingvellir is famous due to its geology and history. The edges of North American and Eurasian tectonic plates loom over the sides of the park, and as they pull apart, they tear open ravines that fill with spring water.

Eruptions in centuries past have also filled much of the area with lava rock, making the landscapes fascinating. Regarding history, it was here where early Icelanders founded what is now the world’s longest-running ongoing Parliament, Alþingi.

After enjoying the park, you will move on to Haukadalur Valley, famed for its geysers. The largest of these, Geysir, which provided all others with their name, is not in a period of regular activity. Its neighbour Strokkur however, erupts every five to ten minutes to heights that can exceed over twenty metres. The valley is filled with other hot springs, as well as fumaroles and mud pots.

The third and final site of the Golden Circle is the mighty and majestic Gullfoss waterfall. This feature, which is within the Hvítá glacier river, falls in two tiers with incredible power into an ancient canyon. If rays of sun hit the spray coming from the waterfall, it creates some beautiful rainbows.

You will finish the day at your accommodation in Hella.

Day 3 - The South Coast

The winter sun sets behind Reynisdrangar, a pair of sea-stacks that, according to legend, are the remains of two frozen trolls.

On day three, you will head across the beautiful South Coast of Iceland. This stretch of road is lined with features you will spend the day admiring. The first of these will be two of the most famous waterfalls in the country, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss.

Both of these fall from over sixty metres high, from cliffs that marked Iceland’s coast during the last ice age. Other than that, they could not be more different. Seljalandsfoss falls in a narrow stream, and is unique in the sense that the cliff behind it is concave; it is possible to fully encircle the water for some great perspectives when conditions allow. Skógafoss, meanwhile, is much more powerful and classic in its form.

The next stop you will reach is the glacier tongue Sólheimajökull. This magnificent ice cap is vast and beautifully coloured, blending white snow, blue ice and black ash. If you elected to do so during booking, you can opt for a glacier hiking tour here and explore the otherworldly landscapes atop one of Iceland’s glaciers.

As evening rolls around, you will reach Reynisfjara, a beautiful stretch of black-sand beach, renowned for its geology. You will be able to see the Dyrhólaey rock arch curving into the ocean, and the Reynisdrangar sea stacks towering from the water’s surface.

You will spend the night in Vík. Remember to look up to the sky tonight for a chance to see the brilliant Northern Lights.

Day 4 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Photographers will love the effect of the surf as it plays with the washed up icebergs on the Diamond Beach in south-east Iceland.

You will head to the far side of the South Coast on day four, crossing the dramatic Mælifellssandur black-sand desert as you do. Your main destination for today is the unbelievable Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, one of the most renowned and beautiful places in Iceland’s nature.

You can walk along the shores of this vast lake and witness as enormous icebergs, which have broken from a receding glacier tongue, slowly move towards the ocean. Nearby is the Diamond Beach, a black sand beach where icebergs from the lagoon have washed up on shore and glisten in the sun. The lagoon and beach are also famous for being home to many seals; this southeastern corner of the country is one of the best places to spot them.

As you are travelling between November and March, you can also elect to explore an ice cave on this day. Ice caves are spectacular natural phenomena that only occur under very specific conditions, in very few places on earth. The world inside them is beautiful and ethereal; this experience should not be missed by those with the opportunity.

You will spend the night in Höfn.

Day 5 - The East Fjords

Due to their remoteness, the East Fjords are one of the best places in the country to admire the aurora borealis.

Today you will navigate your way north through the incredible East Fjords. This little-traveled route is incredibly beautiful; you can expect to be driven over dramatic peaks and along breathtaking coastlines. You will regularly stop for the best photo opportunities, such as in the little fishing villages that dot the route, and at the black sand beach Breiðdalsvík.

The East Fjords have the highest abundance of wildlife in Iceland, it is the only place in the country where you can see herds of wild reindeer. Seals and Arctic foxes are also a common sight in this area.

You will pass through Iceland’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur, and by the lake Lagarfljót, said to hold a terrifying wyrm. Finally, you will reach your destination for today, Egilsstaðir, the largest settlement in the East, where you will spend the night.

Day 6 - Lake Myvatn and Husavik

In several places around north Iceland's Lake Mývatn area, you can locate bubbling hot pools and steaming vents.

On day six, you’ll drive to Iceland’s dramatic North. This route will take you through the northern part of the Vatnajökull National Park, and Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, will be visible multiple times.

Your first destination is the incredible Lake Mývatn area. This region boasts a diverse array of incredible scenery. You will see the Dimmuborgir lava fortress, the geothermal areas at the Námaskarð Pass, and the strange geological formations that rise from the surface of Lake Mývatn itself, spending a good amount of time exploring and photographing the sites.

Following this, you will head to the charming settlement of Húsavík, home of around two thousand people. There are many quaint shops and buildings to wander through and a visit to Húsavíkurkirkja Church, built in 1907, is highly recommended. You'll return to Mývatn where your accommodation will be waiting.

Day 7 - North Iceland

Tröllaskagi Peninsula has a huge amount of the nation's Icelandic horses, which can be seen outside unperturbed by even the harshest winter weather.

Today, you will better explore Iceland’s north. You will head to Siglufjörður, a beautiful fishing village nestled in a narrow, steep-cliffed fjord of the same name. Here, you can learn about Iceland’s coastal culture, and how vital the herring industry was to the survival of the region while enjoying the charming sites of the settlement.

Following your time here, you will head to Eyjafjörður, the agricultural heartland of the North. You'll travel around this beautiful fjord, exploring its many farmlands and sweeping mountainscapes.

Finally, you will head to the Capital of the North, Akureyri, where you will enjoy the evening and spend the night.

Day 8 - Akureyri to Reykholt

The Hvítserkur monolith is one of north Iceland's most unusual geological marvels, found on the Vatnsnes Peninsula.

You will spend the morning of day eight enjoying the sites of Akureyri. This vibrant town has a wealth of places to see; you could explore its boutiques and cafes, its museums, or have a look at the Christmas House which is open all year round.

Once your time here is complete, you’ll hop back into your minibus, and head south-west to Reykholt. This journey will take several hours, but it is incredibly scenic, and you’ll stop for refreshments and photo opportunities en route.

Your destination is Reykholt, one of the most important historical towns in Iceland. Reykholt was once home to legendary writer, historian and chieftain, Snorri Sturluson, without whom we would know very little of medieval European history and the belief system of the Old Norse. The settlement now houses the Snorrastofa Museum on his life and works.

You can enjoy the sites of the town, and the spectacular surrounding landscapes, until it is time to retire for the night.

Day 9 - The Snaefellnes Peninsula

The Snæfellsjökull glacier looms behind the church at Buðir, pictured here beneath a clear sky filled with dancing auroras.

On your final full day of exploring the country, you will see the Snæfellesnes Peninsula. This 90 kilometre stretch of coast is often called ‘Iceland in Miniature’ because it is home to a variety of different landscapes and features, densely packed together.

You will reach as many sites as possible. Kirkjufell is an imposing yet beautiful standalone mountain, often photographed with the nearby waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss. You will also head for the fishing villages Hellnar and Arnarstapi for some local culture and dramatic coastlines; a little further from here is the towering Lóndrangar lava plug formation.

The glacier and volcano Snæfellsjökull crowns the peninsula and will be the backdrop to most of your destinations. This feature was made famous by the novel ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ by Jules Verne.

For your own journey beneath the earth, however, you can opt for a caving tour on this day. This will take you into the lava tunnel of Vatnshellir, which is rather open and accessible, making it good fun for all willing to try.

After exploring the peninsula, you will return to Reykjavík where you will spend your final night.

Preferred accommodation in Reykjavík

Reykjavík Comfort

The Fosshótel chain has four 3-4 star Hotels located in and around the city center of Reykjavík. There is a short walk from all of the hotels to attractions, cafés, restaurants, museums and the nightlife. All offer private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is included.

Reykjavík Quality

Alda Hotel is a 4 star hotel situated on Laugavegur, Reykjavík's main shopping street in the city centre. Private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Free access to a fitness room with a sauna and a hot tub. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is included.

Day 10 - Departure

Those staying in Reykjavík in winter have a good chance of spotting the northern lights above Grótta lighthouse.

Sadly, this is the day you leave Iceland. If you have time before your flight, you can better explore the city of Reykjavík; shop in its boutique stores or explore its fascinating museums.

When it is time, you will take a shuttle bus back to the airport, and head home with a camera full of photos and a head full of great memories.


See our accommodation levels below. Super Budget booking will be arranged in hostel dormitory bed accommodation. For Comfort and Quality bookings, single person bookings will be arranged in a single room, while bookings of 2 or more people will share twin/double room(s) or triple room(s). If you are travelling with others, but prefer a single room, please make separate bookings. We always do our best to accommodate special requests, which may incur additional costs.

Super Budget

Rooms or dormitory beds with shared bathrooms in guesthouses or hostels, such as HI Hostel. Located in the capital region. Breakfast is not included.


Rooms with a private bathroom at three-star hotels such as Fosshótel Barón, or quality guest houses. Located in the city center or in close vicinity. Breakfast is included.


Rooms at four-star design hotels in the city center with a private bathroom at the absolute best locations downtown such as Hotel Alda. Breakfast is included.

Cancellation Insurance

This insurance guarantees that you can cancel the booking of this package and receive a full refund, minus the insurance cost of 5,000 ISK per person. The cancellation must be made within a minimum of 48-hours before the listed starting time. To cancel your booking and claim your refund, simply contact our service desk by writing to no later than 48-hours before departure and declare the cancellation. Please note that this insurance only covers the full cancellation of this entire package. It does not cover cancellations of individual activities and services within the package. The cost of the Cancellation Insurance is neither refundable nor transferable.

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